Regular Juice or Cold Pressed Juice: Which Is Better?

Since the arrival of the sow juicers in the market, everybody has been going crazy over these new products and bringing them home to see what all the fuss is about. If you are a juicing enthusiast, chances are you would already be aware of the name ‘cold pressed juice’. Cold pressed juicers use a technique called slow juicing to slowly squeeze out the juice from the fruits and vegetables making sure that minimum heat is produced during its operation so that all the essential nutrients and enzymes stay alive in the drink. If you new to juicing and having trouble understanding the actual difference between a cold pressed juice and a regular juice, you have come to the right place. Our comparison will help you make the best selection among the two types of juices:

Regular Juice:

By regular juice we mean the juice which is extracted through a traditional juicer or one that is not a cold pressed juicer. The traditional juicers use blades spinning at high speeds to cut the fruits which pass through a mesh into a container. These juicers are much cheaper than the more advanced cold pressed juicer machines and extract the juice much faster. The juice that is obtained is a good source of nutrients and is healthy as long as you consume it immediately. However, it does not contain a large percentage of the nutrients that were present in the fruits and vegetables in their original condition. This is because the fast spinning blades of the machine produce a lot of heat which destroys most of the nutrients. Also, the juice will quickly start to rot so you cannot store it for consuming later. It’s best to consume it right away.

Cold Pressed Juice:

A cold pressed juice is the juice extracted through the appliance called a cold pressed juicer. These juicers use a technique which slowly crushes and presses the fruits and vegetables instead of cutting them with fast spinning blades. Since there is not much heat involved in the operation of a cold pressed juicer it effectively retains most of the nutrients in the juice that is produced and since antioxidants are also retained in the drink, it will last much longer than a regular juice. You can make large quantities of cold pressed juice in a single sitting and store it in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh for over 3 days. However the extraction of cold pressed juice takes longer time as compared to regular juice and the cold press juicers are also quite expensive as compared to the regular juicers source

So now that you know the differences between the two types of juices, you should easily be able to pick the better of the two. If you have health considerations in mind, you would go for a cold pressed juicer to fulfill your juicing requirements. If, however, you want a cost effective solution you can pick one of the regular juicers which come at an affordable price.

Magical Uses of a Pressure Cooker in Daily Life

Cooking is an essential part of every household and a pressure cooker is an important utensil of the kitchen. It allows you to cook food faster than a conventional one. The pressure cooker is unlike any other pot in the kitchen. When the lid of the pot is sealed completely and water is put into it for the foods to boil, steam traps inside the cooker. This creates a very high temperature inside the pressure cooker and a combination of steam, heat, and pressure cooks the food much more quickly and in a much healthier way.

There is a rubber ring between the lid and pot, this lid helps us in trapping the steam inside the pot. Before starting the cooking make sure that the rubber ring is sealed correctly. Following are some of the most prominent reasons of using the pressure cooker these days in every household:

Time saving:

It helps you in the kitchen in terms of saving time while you are cooking as the food gets cooked faster. You do not need to stand and continuously monitor the food while it is being cooked. You may set medium flame while cooking and do other work in the kitchen or elsewhere. You do not need to stand over and constantly stir but occasionally check. Pressure cooker keeps or traps the heat inside therefore does not turn your kitchen hot. In this case you would not be sweating unnecessarily.

Healthier Foods:

Foods cooked in the pressure cooker are steamed and not fried therefore this provides a healthier option. Due to less water required for cooking in the cooker, so vitamins and minerals are preserved and hence the pressure cooked food is healthier for you and your family. Choose Pressure Cooker is packed with valuable on various sorts of pressure cookers and the reviews for each.

Energy Efficient:

You may save your time and energy if you use this pot for cooking. In pressure cooking less energy is used and this is great for the environment as well. It is estimated that since pressure cookers consume one third of time required for cooking as compared to conventional cooking, thus they also consume one third of the energy required for cooking as compared to conventional cooking and hence are quite energy efficient.