The Truth About Waist Trainers

Waist trainers, also known as waist cinchers, are pieces of constricting garment aimed at reducing the waistline when worn. This trend is neither recent – as it started during the 1990s – nor is a joke as many celebrities claim regular use of it which has personally helped them become thinner around the waist. Waist trainers have been the subject of a lot of skepticism and controversy as although they have their obvious benefits, many medical experts also warn customers of their risks. Whether you choose to purchase one or not, you should be aware of both waist trainer benefits and disadvantages. Read below to find out more about waist training.

Physical Benefits

Waist trainers can be worn underneath any piece of clothing easily. They sit above and around the waistline, pulling it into shape during regular use of them; hence the name waist trainer. If practiced accurately, waist training does slim you around the waistline which provides for an overall thinner physical appearance. This could greatly groom your overall look and possibly motivate you to exercise more and eat better in order to tame the rest of your body.

Health Benefits

A lot of people wear belts around their waist and backs to support back pain and bad posture. Regular use of waist trainers could give you similar advantages to controlling back problems. It will keep your body upright and therefore, improve your posture, and also support you through back ache due to unhealthy spine movement. The cinching effect of waist trainers also give the wearer support around the abdomen, causing the person to sit and stand upright and to handle his own weight. The slight pressure around the stomach experienced while wearing a waist trainer could also remind the wearer not eat more than what is required by his stomach; this could help those who have trouble with overeating and losing weight.

A Note on Waist Trainer Benefits

Waist trainers are an easy to operate addition to your weight reducing regime; yes, that is correct, they are only an addition to a larger, more comprehensive healthy lifestyle. If you combine a waist trainer with a good diet, and a killer exercise routine, only then can you get the best benefits out of it.

Health Risks

Everything is meant to be used wisely, and just like that even waist trainers need to be worn carefully. If you ignore your body’s limitations and, in a hurry to look slim, you regularly put the trainer on too tightly, the walls of your abdomen and stomach could experience deformation and reduced muscle tone. You could even harm your liver and lungs causing you to have difficulty breathing. This happens because waist trainers push your body upwards, causing your abdominal organs to shrink and your lungs to end up with reduced breathing capacity.
With every opportunity comes some basic responsibilities and like so, while waist training is a way to reduce your waistline, you should also be wary of how you do it.